Handful of Rock Salt with a Dash of Reiki

Rock Salt has been used by mankind for more than 6000 years. In ancient times it was the only salt which was used, and was considered so precious that it was also used as currency. Though the nutritional benefit of salt consumption is known to mankind, not many are aware of its healing and cleansing properties.

Reiki has been known to mankind forever, it was the method which was used by our ascended masters to heal others. Though many are aware that Reiki can be used to cure health issues, very few are aware that Reiki can be helped for cleansing and healing different situations.

I have observed, though Reiki is beautiful on its own, I do believe it gets a boost when we use rock salt in combination and the results after that are spectacular.

A Reiki practitioner’s vibration is high and is hence prone to much more psychic attacks. Though there are many ways to shield one, not all practice them and hence can pick up a lot of lower vibrations from their surroundings which may reflect in their life through health or situations. As we have to interact with people from day to day life and our aura brushes with many others, we may clean it with Reiki but can be boosted if we take a salt water bath by putting some rock salt in a bucket of water and pour it on ourselves, we shall feel energized and refreshed immediately. When I moved into my new house, I did not hold any prayer meeting at my place; instead I just sprinkled rock salt at my place, and after 24 hours swept it out. The energy had become very light, as it felt a lot of stagnant energy got removed, and when I did Reiki cleansing, it just was an icing to the cake, and the house was full of positive energy and vibes, making us much more cheerful and problems were getting automatically solved.


I love to swab my house with Reiki water. I fill a bucket with water, and energize it with Reiki and then swab the house. My house energy becomes lighter and much more refreshed, but when I add a handful of rock salt to my Reiki water and then swab, the house is cleaner and the energy is lighter almost instant. Another great way of combining Reiki and rock salt is to use rock salt for preparation of food, and energizing it with Reiki and then consume it. The health benefit is known to all.

Use of Rock salt and Reiki are very ancient practices by mankind, and one can combine the two and have the best of both worlds.


Article by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta in Reiki Rays.com.


Fernanda Feijó.


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