The simplicity of Reiki

Such is the accessibility of reiki that everyone, no matter who they are, what they do, or what their state of health, can receive it, learn it, and practice it. Reiki is not an academic subject to learn, and you do not need any special equipment in order to give the healing. All you need is a sincere commitment to help others and to help yourself to progress and develop.


People who have learned Reiki includes teachers, builders, doctors, computer operators, farm workers, engineers, therapists, carers, and students. Even children can learn to give reiki and, because the techniques do not require any particular level of fitness or mobility, so too can the elderly and people who lives with a chronic illnesses.

The world over

Anyone can receive or learn reiki. Once you have learned it, ou can send it to anyone in the world.


Article from the book (Secrets of Reiki).

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Fernanda Feijo.


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