Reiki in your home

There are all sorts of ways that you can use reiki in your home. You may like to give your pets a daily treatment and to reiki your house plants, the plants in your yard, and, perhaps, new seeds and cuttings that you have planted. Many people give distant healing to different rooms in the house to help the energy flow.


Pets loving

Many animals respond well to reiki, and a treatment can help you feel even closer to your pet.

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Eat well

You can also reiki your food before you serve it, or in restaurants, particularly if you feel uneasy about how the food has been prepared. Help every meal to enrich you spiritually as well as physically by giving your food reiki.

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Room cleansing

Use de techniques to cleanse a room’s atmosphere before the family time to sleep.

Plants care

Carry reiki awareness with you as you tend to household plants, sending them love and energy. Place your hands around a pot to encourage plant growth, or give reiki to an injured stem.

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Flooding with love

Give reiki to the rooms in your home where you want to keep the energy flowing, and to fill a room’s atmosphere with positive, loving vibrations.

Article by book “Secrets of Reiki”.

Fernanda Feijó.


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