Herbal bath and Reiki.

Let’s talk a bit about personal cleansing with herbal bath and Reiki.

To prepare the herbal bath, choose herbs of your preference (rosemary, lavender, rue, basil …) give preference to fresh, freshly harvested herbs. If you have a garden at home it will be great to be able to pick your herbs from your garden.

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After separating them, sit in a cozy, preferably quiet place that is close to nature. Start with a Gassho meditation that has already been explained in another article posted here. Remain in connection with the herbs, draw the Reiki symbols on them and begin the separation. Cut them by hand and mix them in a bowl that will not be used to make food, as it may remain scented from the herbs for some time. Add water, draw the Reiki symbols on the water that will be used. Start macerating the herbs with your hands, crushing them gently, always connecting with them and when you feel you need to apply reiki, do it putting the reiki symbols on your preparation. You can add essential oils that you like, or need in the bath water. Let rest for approximately 6 to 24 hours.

At the time of the bath, place the herbs to heat, then sift, leaving only the water. Prepare the environment where the bath will be carried out. Light a candle for your guardian angel, asking for protection and start your daily bath normally, do the Reiki shower technique in your shower, so it will cleanse your body with a lot of Reiki.

photo by me

When finished, pour the herb bath over your shoulder body down, craving only good things and mentalizing Reiki energy by removing all existing energy blocks. Dry with the towel without rinsing and put on your clothes. The rest of the herbs left over, put in your garden, or even in your garden as fertilizer.


This technique can be used when you are feeling depressed, weak, incredulous. Try to feel the energy of the herbs along with Reiki by clearing your aura and renewing your energy.

Thank you I’m blessed to share this technique with all of you,

Fernanda Feijó.


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