A recipe for positive living

The five precepts of reiki are vital components of a fulfilled life and each one is intended to be followed on a daily basis. They encourage us to believe that even small steps can make a difference to our happiness and well-being. The precepts are produced here in the form of affirmations, or reminders.

  • Just for today, do not anger. I am at peace.
  • Just for today, do not worry. My mind is easy.
  • Be humble. I live in an attitude of gratitude, and show gratitude to every living thing. I give thanks to all things, people, and situations, whatever they may be, for their valuable lessons in growth and understanding.
  • Be honest in your work. Everything I do in my life is my work. I must work hard on my spiritual well-being and it will support all my life. Be true to your way and your being.
  • Show compassion to yourself and to others. Love, accept, and forgive yourself, and you will have more understanding of others, and more to offer them in every way.
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“Just for today”, the first part of the precepts, is important because we often forget to live in the present.

While the past has made us what we are now, holding on to it stops us from moving forward.

In the same way, if we are always thinking about the future, we miss out on today.


A new day

Reiki encourages us to start each day afresh, with a new way of viewing life.


Article from the book “Secrets of Reiki”.

Have a nice day.

Fernanda Feijó


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