Reiki as spiritual path

In addition to its significance as a holistic method of healing, the Usui System of Natural Healing is a spiritual path for anyone who uses it accordingly. By becoming involved with the universal life energy in theory and practice, we can reconcile with our divine center in terms of our consciousness and increasingly allow its loving light to radiate out into the world. To support this process, we need Reiki treatments on a regular basis (no matter which degree), a basic openness for the transformation of the life structures, and an awake consciousness that pays attention to what is set in motion and how it moves. This is a serious motivation for learning to love life, ourselves, and others, as well as assuming responsibility for our personal matters and supplementing the qualities necessary for taking the spiritual path of Reiki.

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However, in order to work with Reiki in the first place, most people require an initiation and basic training in how to treat the universal life energy. This is where an encounter with a spiritual teacher occurs, possibly for the first time. But this teacher does not have to be a spiritual teacher in the narrower sense. In contrast to other spiritual paths, it’s enough for the Reiki Master to correctly gain mastery in his or her craft, which means being capable of giving initiations that work and teaching the students the fundamental treatment techniques. So the Reiki path has a very simple beginning. This fact has played a major role in how quickly Reiki has spread throughout the world.

The Reiki path can function as a spiritual path in several different ways.

 1. You can repeatedly treat yourself and others with Reiki. When doing so, always be sure to truly be in the situation and not let your consciousness disappear from the here and now. Think about the life principles and try to integrate them a bit better into your life with each passing day. Make an effort to develop more love, personal responsibility, and consciousness. This type of path includes many monologues, writing a diary, conversations with other Reiki friends, and the ability to motivate yourself time and again in your progress. At some point, spiritual experiences will manifest themselves in your life and you will probably recognize some of them for what they are. Their meaning may somehow become perfectly clear to you.

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2. You continue your Reiki training and complete the 2°d Degree. The symbols and mantras are part of this level, including some techniques of how to use them. The type and number of these that are taught depends upon the Master teaching them. However, power intensification and distance and mental healing will probably be explained to you. Now you can follow your Reiki path and discover who you are with more tools, but basically in the same way as explained under 1.

3. You complete the Master Degree and learn to initiate others into the Reiki system, imparting the respective basic knowledge to them. In principle, you can also take this step without the necessity of a spiritual teacher. It’s enough to be trained by someone who can effectively initiate you and convey the appropriate knowledge to you. The Master Degree has the variations of just letting yourself be initiated and otherwise continuing to work with the possibilities of the 1st and 2nd Degrees, as well as meditating with the Master symbol and its mantra. The initiation into the 3rd Degree helps many people to open up more to Reiki and progress more easily on their path as a result. This development is not a certainty since it depends greatly upon the external circumstances and the personal background precondition of everyone involved. If you decide instead to train others, in time you can have spiritual experiences through the initiations and technical instructions that you give, whereby the information under 1. still basically applies here.

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4. You open up to a spiritual teacher/student relationship and participate on a regular basis in the training activities of the degree that you have learned. You may take private lessons and also come to terms with your teacher and his or her instructions, in addition to your involvement in Reiki. In my experience, this path is the most effective. However, it is not simple or comfortable.

No matter what basic path you decide upon, if you seriously apply yourself to it, Reiki will lead you to experiences that can help you to perceive the light within yourself. Its healing rays will open up more and more doors your being. Like other spiritual paths, Reiki consists of techniques and know-how, as well as meaningfully applying ing these to human relationships.

Let’s go try to do that.

Article by book “The spirit of Reiki”.


Fernanda Feijó.




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