An amulet for protection

Hello guys! Who here wants to be protected every day? Well, today’s post comes with a hint on how to make a protection amulet for everyday use.

To make the amulet we will need a necklace with a white (transparent) quartz crystal pendant of your choice.

google image

Why white quartz? White quartz is considered one of the crystals of greater spiritual value. It is a stone that has many gifts and meanings, is a balancer por excellence and it has a prism that can be used in the function of any of the other crystals, so it is so powerful. Its main function is to balance, it activates and deactivates energies in our body and spirit according to our mental order.

There are several ways to use this crystal to take advantage of its benefits. Just by being close to him (properly cleaned and energized you already absorb the positive energies and feel the withdrawal of negatives, so it is ideal to have it in your room, in your office or close to the body.

After choosing your necklace, you should do the technique of cleaning your crystal that can be with Reiki.

Hold the crystal in the non-dominant hand and trace the second symbol (SHK), repeat

mão de fatima
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the mantra three times, after do the first symbol (CR) with its mantra, look at the crystal with your third eye and say: “This white quartz is free of any energy that does not belong to it” and repeat the word “cleansing” . Place your hand on the crystal and apply Reiki for 2 to 3 minutes telepathically repeating the word “cleansing”.

Then you will program it to be your object of protection. Do the same technique described earlier, however putting the statement “protection”. Do this every day before you leave your home, scheduling your crystal for your day. If you have a problem to solve, program your amulet to give you luck in this matter and do not forget to ask for protection always.

This technique is simple and easy, you only need to use 3 minutes of your day to have more protection for your life. Imagine how wonderful! It costs nothing, let’s try it?

This cleaning and programming technique was developed by Walter Lübeck and I have used it daily in my life for about two years. I can tell the difference when I am without my amulet and feel much more protected by being with him. Particularly if you are to start a new job or challenge. It is very good to make your day lighter and calmer.


Thank you, love sharing my experiences with you.

Fernanda Feijó.



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