Reiki and Family

Today we’re going to talk a little about how our family reacts when they discover you are doing Reiki.

Who has never left a Reiki course eager to help or treat a family member or friend?

You know when we started on this journey called Reiki, our head starts to change and then we think that the people around us will also change, thinking like that’s is a big mistake.

We need to keep in mind that when Reiki comes to us it’s because we are open to new horizons, our mind is willing to learn a new thing and everything will change the moment we absorb this knowledge.

You may have experienced some frustration trying to explain what Reiki means to a family member or a friend.

People think this (Reiki) does not exist or even put labels like, this is a religion, or, what did you smoke today? Like you’re talking about something from another planet.

Do not worry, you are not the first person to go through this situation, surely all the reiki’s practitioner has gone through this one day. And they are still doing and applying reiki.

What we have to do is not giving up on passing this knowledge on, whenever it is convenient to pass correct the information about Reiki or even offer a treatment so that the person (family/friend) can feel this energy vibrating and benefiting your body.

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Here are some tips on how to apply Reiki to family members:

1- Tell them you took a Reiki course, and give them an introduction to how it works, talk a little about your experiences during the course and how did reiki work on your body, so the person will be curious to feel or even ask more about the subject;

2- Offer a complete Reiki treatment, first ask if the person has a time for it, explain that this process needs their permission and it will take approximately 1 hour and if he/she is really willing to receive Reiki;

3- If you have Reiki II, you can send Reiki from a distance, but do not forget to ask for permission from the person who will be treated. If by chance, you know that this person is in need of help or is sick, do not hesitate to ask if she wants Reiki from a distance. Probably this person will not know how the process works, so you can explain briefly and at the combined time send Reiki. You can exchange information with this person to see if she felt anything and is feeling better. You can also use other techniques that are taught in Reiki II and III-A.

There are several ways to help our family with Reiki.

Do not be sad that when you realize your inner change you begin to ask to do Reiki for everything.

And you will probably be very busy sending all the Reiki that is requested. In the beginning, nothing is easy, but do not give up that the final merit will surely be unforgettable.

reiki-level-one-training-brisbane-500x500Let us together spread this wonderful energy, to shine in the hearts of all human beings.

Thank you, I’m so glad on sharing my daily experiences with you.

Fernanda Feijó




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