Reiki and Pets

Today we will talk a little about Reiki on animals. Animals gain more and more space in our homes, families are prioritising to have a pet nowadays.

In this post, we will bring the report of an injury treatment of a pet. In this case, this pet had a wound all over the face, it hit it’s head on the ground, removing the hair and the first layer of skin that works as  a protection.

It is known that when you have an injury over an area with hair, probably won’t grow any more hairs in this spot, depending on the depth of this injury.

Since it was a deep wound and with a really large area, we were sure that it would have no solution and that it would have this scar for life. Then came the idea of ​​dealing with Reiki and essential oils.

dog-reiki1Treatment was started immediately.

On the 1st day of treatment: we washed the place with enough water and remove stagnant blood, then we used the melaleuca essential oil ( it may sting a little) and then finish with a Reiki application on the wound spot;

On the 2nd day of treatment: we used more of the essential oil of melaleuca and finish with Reiki application on the wound;

On the 3rd day of treatment: if the wound is already closed (no bleeding) start the application of rosehip oil (in case it was already closed and we started with the second oil) and finish with Reiki application on the wound;

From the 4th to the 10th day of treatment: put the rosehip oil and finish with Reiki application on the wound.

In this case, it took 10 days to achieve the total healing of the wound (100%) without leaving any type of mark or local scar. The entire procedure was done with the application of Reiki personally and with the aid of aromatherapy. This proves the efficiency of Reiki energy with the help of melaleuca essential oil which is anti bactericidal, fungicidal and antiseptic and rosehip oil which is a great healing and regenerating skin.

Once Reiki shows us that it is possible to treat and get great results, just believe and do things the right way, choose the right techniques for the problem.

Every day I fall in love with this simple and very powerful technique.

Thank you for your company,

Fernanda Feijó.



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