Reiki and The Chakra Energy Cards

IMG_2241The Oracle of the Chakras was developed by Walter Lübeck with healing symbols that the Goddess and the angels sent to him while he was performing a meditation session next to a sacred well close to his home.

They are symbols that have an enormous power of spiritual healing to all who ask for help, guidance, love and health. Even beginners will find it easy to get surprising positive results with their help. For those who already have a certain knowledge, the Oracle provides a deep divine wisdom and powers of white magic.

This oracle represents a unique system. At the same time, it can also be integrated, without limitation, into the spiritual path. Can be used in conjunction with all Walter Lübeck books.

If you want, you can see this oracle as it was a condensed manual. Many areas of energetic work blend into it and are harmoniously interconnected, so that they strengthen and support one another. The subtle energy center of the chakra are also the basis of all this work.

This material consists of 126 cards with affirmations, which correspond to the vital energy center of the physical body, so that you can effectively correct imbalances, dissolve blockages, and develop smoothly beyond your borders. You can do all this without knowing or using any other method of energy work.

Bellow is a simple  and objective technique of how you can work with the Oracle of Chakras and Reiki:

1 – Take the Oracle’s cards, take a deep breath, shuffle gently with the thought directed to your question, make it clear what you want to know. Distribute the cards on a smooth surface and begin your process of connecting with the cards. Always asking your question. Take out a card and read, in the book you will have a brief explain of your sentence.

2 – After get a glass of drinking water, place your oracle card under the glass of water and do the following ritual. If you have Reiki II, draw the first symbol (CK) in the cup, place your hands around the glass and start the application of Reiki, looking at water, stating 9 times the sentence of the card. Be present at this moment of body and soul,  be convinced on  what you  are saying and intended with all your body and soul the Reiki for your water.

3 – Finish with the first symbol (CK), leaving the water on the symbol for 10 minutes. Now, the water is ready to drink, enjoy this water all day, if necessary do this ritual for a week. So the blockage will be removed from you and Reiki will be complete.

You can ask any questions and work for as long as it takes for the Oracle and Reiki to be able to help you effectively. Allow your inner child to play on this solid foundation, which has been tested over millennia and by so many great teachers, and give yourself the opportunity to have creative freedom in your energetic work.

“Recognising and use our own creative freedom is the prerequisite for the path that leads to the source of creativity and its light that heals everything and everyone.” Walter Lübeck.

google image

I hope you can work with this technique described here, it’s easy, fast and very efficient. Welcome to the world of the Chakras Oracles.


Fernanda Feijó.


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