Black tourmaline and Reiki

Today we will talk a little about the power of the stone called black tourmaline and how it can be used together with Reiki.

Black tourmaline has a great power of protection against negative energies. It neutralizes even the negative vibrations generated by black magic, envy or hatred. It has an incredible capacity, it captures the energy of the atmosphere of the Planet (Ionosphere) and emits particles known as ions, which are able to purify the whole environment. This property is specific and useful as well, to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic waves caused by cell phones and other electronic equipment.

If you like to leave your cell phone bedside you at bedtime it is interesting to have a black tourmaline stone in your room to purify your environment.

Because of its ability to emit infrared radiation in the 9 micron range, Black Tourmaline is also useful for therapies and is highly recommended for improving circulation. Still on therapies, it is a stone capable of strengthening the bone and immune systems and also vitalizes and purifies the Chakra (root).

After we know a little more about the black tourmaline, let’s talk about how it can be used together with Reiki.

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Black tourmaline and Reiki:

Now we know the power that this stone has! You know when we are on days that nothing works, we try everything and it’s no good, we can use the black tourmaline under our pillow at bedtime to perform an astral cleaning.

First let’s program it with Reiki (if you have Reiki II), mentalize which blockages you want to clean.

For example, some problems at work, at the time of programming mentalize the situation you want to unblock.

Then place it inside your pillow case and apply for a Reiki self-treatment. You will feel on the next morning you will be calmer and more purified, and your problems will be easier to solve.

Everything will be lighter. Remember that this stone has a very strong cleaning power, pay attention to your dreams that can be revealing and intense.

This technique should not be done every day, as we are talking about concentrated (strong) energy and will really mess with you, do only when is really needed.

Another way to use it is to program it (Reiki II) for daily protection and carry it along with you in the purse, wallet, next to the body as a jewellery or put in your desk at work. You can also spread around the house, in the bedroom, in the kitchen and especially in places that suck more energy like the bathroom and entrance door. It will serve as a protective amulet for you and your family. Do not forget to program frequently, whenever you remember you can activate it with your intentions with Reiki.

Reiki is a powerful energy and together with the stones can become infallible. Use and abuse the power you have in your hands. Practice Reiki every day.

Gratitude for sharing this wonderful experience,

Fernanda Feijó.


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