Renew the vital force with Reiki

Have you thought about unlocking a chakra with Reiki? How about starting with the root (base) chakra, the main chakra that connects us with Earth “mother nature”. Our life force.

12931899 - the root chakra
the root chakra symbol (google image)

The root chakra is situated at the base of the spine and belongs to the physical body.

Through this chakra, we come into direct contact with the energies coming from the Earth. His connection with the physical body and with the physical desire to exist, to be metaphorically rooted to the Earth (and exactly one of its names underlies it), places it in total contrast with the seventh chakra, characterised by a strong spiritual tension.

The harmonious functioning of the first (root) and the seventh (crown) chakra is a fundamental presupposition for achieving a fair balance between these two opposites: spirituality and materiality. In reiki, balancing provides for the simultaneous treatment of these two chakras. The harmonic functioning of the basal chakra allows to perceive a strong bond with the Earth, with all forms of life of nature, with the alternation of the seasons.

In addition, it gives the person a strong personality and creativity load. The root chakra carries all the activities and needs of every day: to assure ones own survival and existence, that is, to satisfy the material needs (food, work, home, sex …).

root Chaka location               (google image)

If, however, the chakra does not work properly, these important elements are given a permanent lock. The connection with the Earth will be expressed only through attachment material goods and a strong desire for possession;

These person will then use food, alcohol, and sex as an excuse. The desire for possession may fall into obesity, while the selfishness that accompanies this type of posture can cause illness in the stomach.

This disharmony, too, in the physical body may give the impression that “the earth is lacking underfoot”; the individual becomes insecure, aggressive, and irritable.

When the chakra suffers a momentary blockage, this individual will have difficulty coping with everyday life. Every problem fills as unbearable and life seems too heavy and stressful to face. This, because, lacks the vital force and feels dominated by a kind of weakness.


Step-by-step grounding technique with the first symbol:

1 – Stand with your feet parallel and breathe deeply several times;

2 – Draw the first symbol on each hand in the center of the palm. Repeat your mantra mentally three times. I imagine that by doing this, I imprint the symbol on the palm of the hands;

3 – Draw the first symbol and send it to the chakra of one of the feet, in the center of the soles of the feet, reciting its mantra three times;

4 – After performing the same procedure with the other foot. You should, imagine sending it to the chakras of both feet simultaneously;

5 – Draw then the first symbol once more in your heart and send it to your dantien*. Repeat the mantra mentally three times.

Duration of the technique: 1 to 2 minutes.

Use: This technique helps you to ground yourself to the Earth. When you do not feel centred or when your knees get wobbly after an unpleasant encounter, for example, after a job interview or after a fight, then use this technique.

You will see that with this technique, you can face relaxed and centred, in your best form, the whole situation presented by life.

Choose a place near nature, preferably at sunset, take off your shoes, sit on the floor, take a deep breath and see the world you have around you.

*Dantien is translated as “elixir field,” “sea of ​​Qi,” or simply “energy center.” Dantien are important energy points for meditative techniques and exercises such as qigong, martial arts with t’ai chi and ch’uan in traditional Chinese medicine. It is located below the navel (about three fingers).

Reiki, Lomazzi G., 2006.

Thank for reading,

Fernanda Feijó.


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