A Daily Support with Reiki

Some reiki adherents say that reiki is like a friend. Because the energy works through you, it becomes a part of you and is always there. You can access reiki energy at any point of the day, so it can be used as a constant support. Many people find simply knowing this gives them the confidence to look inward. This can help to pinpoint and clear old thoughts and behaviour patterns which may be holding them back from progressing.

Changing perspective

Using reiki may not take away problems or solve major life issues. However, most people find that it changes the way they see and handle difficulties. It is easy to become overwhelmed by a problem and unable to see the obvious first step toward resolving it. Giving and receiving reiki helps to bring you to a place of calmness. Accessing some mental space enables you to think more clearly and therefore recognize whether or not you are heading in the night direction, in work, relationships, health, or others areas of your life.

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Shaping your destiny

You may find it revealing to keep a journal from the time that you start reiki. Make a note of situations in your personal, family, and working lives. Set out the goals you wish to achieve, and give yourself some kind of time frame in which to accomplish them. You could also record your mood and state of wellbeing, or otherwise, so that in the months and years to come, you have a detailed picture of how you were, how you felt, and what you did. This will provide a point of reference between past and present and may help you to see your progress more clearly.

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“Your beliefs help to shape your reality, and so positive thinking and reiki can help to change the way you live.” A Reiki master

Article from the book “Secrets of Reiki”.


Fernanda Feijó.


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